A Brief History from our Church From our humble beginning to where we are now I definitely agree with Dr. Dan Correa, in his extraordinary book titled “Crazy Faith”. The faith which we profess on many occasion provokes others to ask, “Are you crazy”? I have also had to exercise crazy faith. I have been accused of being crazy; however, please judge for yourself and come to your own conclusions. Our origins were humble. In fact, our first meeting was held on January 13, 1995. After working as an evangelist and as a gospel singer, I began a church in our family room with a total of thirteen people. A month after holding services in my home, a woman pastor had a storefront which accommodated 80 people. She told me that it was no long necessary for us to meet at my home and that we ought to use her storefront. For me, her idea was crazy, two Spanish churches in one place, using the same facilities. She was paying $500 of rent. Then, God place in my heart to donate $300.00 monthly. I was later informed that she was at the verge of losing the storefront because of inability to make the monthly payments. Wow! This meant that we became a blessing to them. One year after that, we moved again into a storefront at a shopping center and rented 1,500-square feet suite paying $1,200.00 a month. One year later 2 suites of 4,330 square feet became available. I shared with the church that we had to move, but they would not back my decision. In an act of sheer craziness, I told them that I would donate my salary, and that is how we were able to rent the new space. Our new rent was $4,800.00 monthly. A month later another space of 2,000 square feet was available. There were a few amen, and we rent it for another $1,500.00. However, the church already knew that I would trust God. In our ninth year of existence, the Lord place in my heart a desire to start a private elementary and middle school. In the new school year of 2004-2005, we rented another space in the same mall, and with all that we had, we began Treasure of Knowledge Christian Academy. Our student’s body consisted of twenty-two students. What craziness! The church continued growing in the school year of 2007-2008 and our academy now had seventy-eight students. In the middle of 2007, I began to pray, asking God to touch someone that would be able to help us obtain a property. It was the beginning of the worst global economic crisis for anyone to acquire any property. The realtors called us with properties that were four to five thousand square feet with a price tag of three millions dollars. All we had was prequalification for two millions dollars, and there I was asking God for a miracle. Crazy faith is a faith that is hungry, violent, persuaded, and without a possibility of believing anything other than “My God can, and He will supply all that I need according to this riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19). We have always believed that in order to accomplish our missions we must be willing to step out in vision faith and take risks for God. And God has blessed us for that. Four years ago we acquired 16 acres of the former and now closed Meadow Woods Golf Club. With limited financial resources we accept this challenge to move the church and our academy. Later on we received as a donation 170 from another benefactor of the land. Our church and academy are located in a pre-dominantly Hispanic community, from which our members and students are largely drawn. Unemployment of the traditionally hard working resident has soared over the past years. Despite the trying economic times. Our members and parents of our students at Treasure of knowledge Christian Academy have contributed incredible amounts of their very limited funds and many volunteer hours of our 450 church members and 170 academy students. Our main purpose is to reach people for Christ. We believe this growing community will respond to the type of worship our new location has brought. Same ministry, different location. There is no limit to the number of people we can reach. As you learn about the history of our church, our prayer is that you would be encouraged by God’s faithfulness through the years and challenged to continue to trust Him for great things. Rev. Dr. Nick Acevedo Senior Pastor